Find out how to save money in all sorts of ways in this video

How to save money in Paris

Paris isn't the cheapest city in the world by any means. But do your homework or stay away from the niceties such as expensive bars and restaurants and you won't leave broke. In fact, if you follow my … [Continue Reading]

'Roof' on Bangkok's famous Khao San Road

10 bars around the world I always return to

Some people aren’t fans of returning to the same destination over and over again. For years I wasn’t either. But then I began visiting cities I’d been to time and time again and I began to understand how people enjoy visiting somewhere repeatedly – it’s because they really get to know the place. They get [...]

Amsterdam video guide

Amsterdam video guide – discover cool neighbourhoods and more

Back in the days when I used to travel the world for a living I travelled to the Dutch capital to make an Amsterdam video guide. I spent a week on a bike filming and presenting from locations all over the city. I love Amsterdam, so when I look back on this video it brings [...]

Working from home

Five Tips for Working From Home Effectively

Many say that working from home is the dream job perk. I have now worked remotely for nearly three years and can tell you from experience it is pretty sweet skipping the daily commute and not having to comply to any office dress codes. It’s no wonder more and more people today are working from [...]

twitter logo

Five Social Media No-No’s Brands Should Avoid

While social media marketing has grown up quite a bit in the last few years, it is still mind blowing at how many brands STILL do not get the basics of engaging their audiences on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+ (the four that still actively use it). Below are 5 social media faux pas [...]